The Digital Humanities Community at Guelph has been thriving over the past few years, with guest speakers coming from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom, and as close as our own History and Philosophy Departments. We run a DigiCafé Speakers series and a DigiDo Workshops series throughout the year, and in 2018 we started the Interdisciplinary Feminisms (IF..) Series of talks and brown bag lunches to draw together Guelph’s large community of feminist scholars.

Much of this activity takes place in THINC Lab, the digital humanities lab at the University of Guelph, directed by Dr. Susan Brown. As associate director of THINC Lab, I help organize the workshops throughout the year, support the research of the THINC Lab Fellows and Seed Grant Awardees, and see that the lab space runs well on a day-to-day basis. We have held over 100 events in THINC Lab since we opened in Fall 2016, and we are very thankful to the McLaughlin Library for providing us an accessible, bright, and welcoming space on their 2nd floor.

DH@Guelph is perhaps best known for our annual Summer Workshops. Following the DHSI model of one-week, intensive classes on a variety of topics, we host our workshops at the start of May each year. We run on a much smaller scale than other workshops, generally hosting 8 or 9 classes with 15 participants per class. If you are interested in seeing what’s going on this May, you can check out our course listings here.