STAK, or the Serendipitous Tool for Augmenting Knowledge, was a collaboration between myself, Brian Greenspan, and Anabel Quan-Haase. The mutual interest in serendipity by Anabel and I was peaked when we met Brian, whose longtime experience in locative media sparked a prototype for an augmented reality view of library stacks. Combining the physical resources that many humanities scholars are accustomed to with the affordances of digital information environments, the STAK prototype helped us learn about library user preferences and chance encounters with information. Based on the StoryTrek tool built by Greenspan, my knowledge of humanities information-seeking patterns was key to the development of STAK. I worked with Brian on a user study of library use, and published an article in Digital Studies, Canada’s Digital Humanities journal, about the results.

Martin, Kim, Brian Greenspan, and Anabel Quan-Haase. 2017. “STAK – Serendipitous Tool for Augmenting Knowledge: A Conceptual Tool for Bridging Digital and Physical Resources.” Digital Studies/Le Champ Numerique 9.